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We have 30 years of experience in wired and wireless remote controls for searchlights

Pictures show from left, three images of our first remote control systems for searchlights installed on two new supply ships, MS Gullbas and MS Troms Skarven, in 1986. The searchlight systems were delivered by NOACK AS, now NORSELIGHT, and was a large system at the time with 3 separate 4kW HMI searchlights and a single 3x4kW (12kW) searchlight. All searchlights could be controlled from three separate control statsions, either individually controlled or as a synchronized group.

The last picture show testing of one of the 8 DMX512 controlled searchlights mounted at the olympics arena for the opening an final ceremony at the 1994 Winter Olympics at Lillehammer.

These are only a few examples of our many searchlight control system designs.
A few examples of our handheld panels are shown in the pictures below.
To the left is a WOP panel with standard layout and customized graphics.
To the right is a SWOP panel as delivered with the standard wireless control systems.

For companies who wish to have their own design for a larger order, we can deliver both WOP and SWOP with customized layout, graphics and colors and with their own company logo.
We can deliver our wireless remote control system for a variety of searchlight models from many brands, such as Glamox/Norselight, Francis Searchlights, Den Haan Rotterdam, Wiska and IMAX. Seematz is currently under evaulation. Please follow the link-buttons on the left for more info on individual brands and searchlight models.

For more details on the system itself, see the SYSTEM and SYSTEM MODULES sections for description of overall system functionality and details about the different modules.

For details on the use with different brands of searchlights, see the sections for each specific brand. Here you will find details on which searchlight types that are supported and which adapter configuration that will be necessary for the different types.

For those who need a non standard wirelsess control for controlling other brands of searchlight or even quite different types of equipment, please see the OTHER BRANDS and CUSTOM EQUIPMENT sections.

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